Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking around SF

Day 17

Miles today: 0 Total miles: 4,221

I spent a long time getting out of bed today, and got all caught up on
Lost. It's a good morning when you shower at noon.

I decided to get out and just go walking around town. Partly to see
the city and partly because I really needed some exercise. Stephen is
moving to Cole Valley, which is near Haight Ashbury. I walked from
there down market street to the Embarcadero and then to AT&T park. I
got hungry and found a place called Red's which had apparently been
featured on the food network. What can I say? I have good taste. I had
my welcome to San Francisco moment there when I gave my order to a
transvestite waitress. She was very classy, though, and professional.
The burger was great, and after I finished, Stephen picked me up in
his brand new Mazda 3. Really sweet car, with a lot of pickup and
really good handling. When you start work that early, you get off
early too. We went to Stacey's parents' apartment and switched cars so
that we could move some stuff from the old apartment to the new one.
After we took a couple loads over, we headed back to AT&T park to
watch the Giants play a spring training game against Oakland. They got
rolled, but the garlic fries at the park were amazing.


  1. Well I've been hoping for an update and seeing as I've been waiting on internet (AT&T took about a week to set it up), finishing moving, and adjusting to my new work schedule (2:30pm - 1:30am, jealous?), I decided tonight was the night to read my "Brian Goes West". I am very happy that I have the latest post on the blog, but must say I'm craving more.

    Did you make it out of California using only fourth gear?

    Did Sharon fall asleep and pitch off the back?

    Is Sharon reconsidering two-wheel transportation as a means of travel in favor of air-fare?

    Anywho. I had a great time seeing ya bud. Crushing you in Mario Soccer, driving around aimlessly, and drinking a fare amount of alcohol brought back some memories and most importantly made some new ones. Thank you for helping me move, sleeping on the floor, walking the dog, helping me put the spare on the car when i hit that pothole/chasm (btw that sweet new car has "sweet" expensive-ass tires), and coming to visit Stacey and I. We loved having you and had a great time. Next time you need a place to stay, wanna go to a freezing ballgame, or need a human ATM let me know (BB&T = ZERO banks everywhere, time for a change ...)

    I STILL think the best future post on the blog will say "Change of plans. Fifth gear is shot and I've about had it with my V-Star. After Yosemite, I'm headed back to San Francisco to sell this thing because I'll get more $ for it in SF than Chapel Hill. I'll hang with Stephen for awhile, open a new checking account with a larger more prolific bank, check out all the bars i missed, go to wine country, see the Giants play a good game, maybe get some sailing in, and then fly back to the east coast to pack for Africa." Although, I enjoy reading the blog so much, a fourth gear trip back to Chapel Hill would keep me entertained for a long time ... either way I'm with ya.

    P.S. The Giants are now 4-1 after their loss to Atlanta this evening errr yesterday evening, so if you come back we'll be able to catch a better game

  2. Oh hey Stephen --

    That's funny. I too was hoping to catch up on what I've been doing the past week now that I'm back in DC. I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that Brian spent all afternoon at my friends' house in Seattle watching the Masters instead of updating the blog as he said he would.

    We made it out of CA (barely) using only fourth gear and I somehow made it 1000 miles without falling asleep, falling off, or losing my mind. Although it would be a lie to say that the margin of victory on each of those three points was very large. (I personally can't wait for the recounting of Friday, Day 25?, which I've been promised will be titled "this isn't fun anymore," which may or may not be a direct quote made at a moment of weakness at a gas station in southern Washington.)

    Thanks for hosting us in SF!!