Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Day 14

Miles today: 154 Total miles: 3,801

I made it out of LA today and am going North up CA-1, the Pacific
Coast Highway. I am officially living the dream. This road is just as
incredible as I remember it - winding curves and amazing views of the
pacific. This is such dramatic country out here - this road is
basically on the side of a mountain that is slowly falling into the
ocean. The beaches here are so much younger than in the east. There
are large boulders just off the coast that haven't been eroded yet by
the ocean. Waves will break around them and send spray 100 feet in the

I've given myself plenty of time to enjoy this road. Sharon flies in
to San Francisco Friday night, so that gives me 5 days to get up
there, with only a few hundred miles to cover. If the timing works
out, I might cut over to Yosemite before I go to SF.

I tried to get a campsite tonight, but it seems that the People's
Republic of California is trying to close the budget gap at the state
parks. $35 for a campsite. If I'm going to rent a square of earth for
one night and pay that much money, it had better have 4 walls and a
roof built on it. So with that line of reasoning, I went to the next
town and got a $40 motel. Buellton is a great little town by the way.
A cool little inn and some great restaurants located in the vally
north of Santa Barbara. I went to one motel and talked to the owner,
who said she doesn't rent rooms by the night (anyone ever heard of
that?) so she sent me down the road to her friend Julie. One of those
"tell her I sent you" kind of things. Julie gave me the super secret
discount and it was a very nice room. I'll keep heading north tomorrow
and I'll see how far I get.

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