Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Day 13

Miles today: 0 Total miles: 3,647

Today was a day off from riding. I actually triple-checked that total
mileage number becuase I couldn't believe I had gone that far in a
single trip. I was feeling a little burnt out and needed a break from
being on the road.

I met up with Chris Walthers, a friend and old roommate of mine from
college. Chris has his Master's degree in biomechanical engineering
from UCLA and is pursuing a PhD there now. I hadn't seen him in a long
time and it was great to catch up.

I tried to go to a Spanish mass that morning, but I guess the church's
website was wrong about that. I also thought I was arriving 15 minutes
early, it being Palm Sunday and all, but I actually was 15 minutes
late. There weren't too many people at that service, so no problem.

I went to lunch with Chris and his roommate to an awesome Brazilian
place and then watched some basketball. Side note: if freaking Dook
wins the title I might not be coming back to NC until next season. Go

Chris also had a PS3 with FIFA 2010, so I figured that I had better do
some research on the teams Sharon and I will be seeing in South
Africa, and played a few games with the teams we'll be seeing.

Chris then made an awesome dinner for me and his girlfriend, and then
we watched an episode of The Pacific, which is a really good show.

Thanks again, Chris for letting me crash at your place. I would insert
a plug here for what a great and attractive guy Chris is for any
single ladies in LA, but He already landed himself a pretty awesome
person, so he's already covered there.

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  1. Brain, where are you, the map isn't updated for the last week!!!!!