Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm Actually Doing This

Day 1
Miles today: 137 Total miles: 137

It really didn't hit me that I was actually going to take a motorcycle
across the country until the minute before I got on the bike. I spent
today running all over town getting everything together before I left,
getting new tires put on the bike, picking up more maps from AAA,
filing tax returns (thanks again, Rob) and tying everthing up so I
could leave. So I didn't really give myself a chance for it to sink in
that I'm actually doing this. When I first sat on the bike, it kept
running through my head that some of the best experiences that I've
had have begun with me thinking "this could be the coolest or dumbest
thing that I've ever done." And this trip certainly fits that

So the bike is all packed and ready to go (picture below). I was
actually surprised at how much room I actually have to store stuff.
All my clothes fit in one sadllebag, shoes, jackets and socks in the
other one, books, first aid, toiletries, maps and food in the tank
bag, tools under the seat and camping gear and rainsuit under a bungee
net on the passenger seat.


  1. GAH! your hair really is gone! i told dad you were buzzing it, and he didn't believe me.
    say hi to the farrellys for me, and (since mom hasn't said it yet) don't forget sunscreen! :)

  2. Deena is right I didn't even think about the sunscreen, but I trust you have it! You look so natural with your bike but you are a little too clean, I guess that will change soon. Have a wonderful day!