Friday, March 19, 2010

...And the Debauchery Begins!!!

Much warmer this morning. That was a great decision I made in Georgia to turn instead of heading east across the state. I headed further south into Florida, mostly because I wanted to add Florida to the list of states that I had visited on this trip. I went to Pensacola and then on to Mobile, Biloxi/Gulfport and then New Orleans. It was all in all a really nice day of riding, with really good weather. I even shed a few layers and brought out the warm weather gloves.

Did you know that you can gamble in Mississippi? I don't think I did. As I passed the casinos of the gulf coast, I realized that I needed to get a warm-up in before I went to Vegas - you don't want to go into the big game cold, after all. So I strolled into one of the houses of entertainment in Gulfport and laid down big money (one whole dollar!) and won HUGE at the slots! I left the Island View casino with 2 extra dollars in my pocket, which I promptly used to tip the guy who drove the shuttle. But a good sign nonetheless!

So I'm staying with my friend Mike Florack from high school in New Orleans tonight, and I've been informed that it's time to go experience NOLA. I'll fill in some details tomorrow.

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