Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Journey of 1000 Miles Begins With a Credit Card

So I'm leaving tomorrow and have spent the last few days trying to get everything together. I saw the above quote on the internet somewhere and after all the money I've spent on gear in the past few weeks, it feels appropriate. I'll be taking the bike in to the shop tomorrow to get new tires put on and a new battery put in. Tires for the bike, by the way, are muy expensive - got a pretty good deal on them and they were still about $300 for a set of 2 high mileage Metzelers. There's also been the leather jacket, awesome looking chaps, rain gear, tools, extra storage for the bike . . . I feel like my credit card is like JT's paddle at the end of this commercial:


It'll all be worth it when I'm able to get the bike packed up and I can just get out on the road without having to think about what I'm forgetting and what I still need to get. And the good news is that wherever you are in America, there's always a Wal-Mart close by. 

It's been great hearing from everyone, and thanks again to all of you who have offered me a place to stay. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of you. 

So tomorrow I'll leave Chapel Hill late and go to Charlotte where I'll be staying with my "second family," the Farrelly's. Pictures of the bike all packed up coming tomorrow.

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